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B.R Kollased tagajalakaitsmed EVENT

B.R Kollased tagajalakaitsmed EVENT

B.R Hallid täisgrippidega meeste ratsapüksid MARCUS

B.R Hallid täisgrippidega meeste ratsapüksid MARCUS

B.R Mustad täisgrippidega meeste ratsapüksid MARCUS

109,95 €

Meeste ratsapüksid ainult ettetellimisel. Tarneaeg: 1,5-2 nädalat.
Tootja: Bimena de Haas (BR)


These breeches for men with classy appearance feature a silicone seat for additional grip and a more stable seat. The breeches have two slit pockets at the front and two bound pockets at the back. The pockets at the front feature a blind push button and the bound pockets feature a button.

The new BR riding breeches are made of the innovative Alpha Micro Touch Fabric (AMT). A durable, breathable 4-way stretch fabric that keeps the rider cool and provides optimal freedom of movement during daily training. The unique composition of the Micro Filament thread, polyester, cotton and elastane make the riding breeches strong and durable. The Micro Filament thread is breathable and moisture resistant. Elastane gives the riding breeches the 4-way stretch that provides optimal freedom of movement. The cotton provides a pleasant handfeel. The elastic lower leg inserts ensure optimal comfort in the riding boots.

The composition of the thread is polyester / cotton / elastane 68% / 22% / 10%

tarneaeg_p 14,00 €
Price 109,95 €
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